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Youth sports provide an opportunity to teach our kids how to conduct themselves in both triumph and defeat. We take this responsibility seriously and emphasize sportsmanship with our players, coaches, and parents. Greater Cleveland Football Association endorses sportsmanship “codes of conduct” by USA Football whom have developed the following to help youth football organizations communicate what is expected from youth football’s three major participants: Athletes, Coaches, and Parents. 

Athlete's Code of Conduct

Athlete Code

  1. I will respect other athletes, coaches, officials, and facilities before, during and after all practices, games and events.  

  2. I will show respect for all facilities and other property used during practices, games and team activities.

  3. I will recognize and show appreciation for good plays from my opponent, and I will not allow others’ negative sportsmanship to become an excuse to do the same.

  4. I am accountable for the results of my behavior toward other athletes, coaches, officials and facilities.  

  5. I will set a good example of behavior and sportsmanship and show a good work ethic for younger teammates.

  6. When I make a great play or score a touchdown, I will simply hand the ball to the official before celebrating with my teammates and will not embarrass my opponent.

  7. I will honor the sport by playing within the rules during games and practices.

  8. I will respect the game and not use foul language at any time.

  9. I agree to put my team first and put forth my best effort on the field in support of team goals.

  10.  I agree to give my best effort toward my education and listen to my parents and teachers. 

Coach's Code of Conduct

Coach Code

  1. I agree to conduct myself in a positive manner toward my players, coaches, parents and game officials at all times.

  2. I will respect players, coaches, parents and game officials at all times.

  3.  I will develop a coaching philosophy that embraces fundamentals, organization, life lessons and friendships versus a “win at all cost” mentality.

  4. I will remember that kids register to play football because it is fun. Every child should have the opportunity to play.

  5. I will support and respect all decisions made by the game officials and refrain from outward criticism.

  6.  I am responsible to understand the rules of the game and abide by those rules at all times.

  7.  I will support the integrity of the game and make game decisions in line with fair play and sportsmanship.

  8.  I am responsible for completing my coaching education requirements and teaching the proper fundamentals.

  9. I will create a safe and positive environment for my players to learn how to play the sport.

  10.  I will listen to my fellow coaches and players regarding player safety, and when in doubt, I will sit them out of play.

  11. I will honor the game and my responsibility as a coach to provide a positive experience for my team.

  12.  I shall dress neatly and appropriately for every team practice and game.

Parent's Code of Conduct

Parent Code

  1. I agree to support our team in a positive manner and showcase good sportsmanship toward all players, coaches, parents and game officials.

  2. I will respect the coaches’ commitment to coach my child and will not interfere with on-field instruction during practices or games.

  3. I will address any concerns with the head coach in private, away from the field and in a positive manner.

  4. I will support the coaches and do my best to ensure that my child arrives at practice and games on time.

  5. I will teach my child to play by the rules and respect teammates, opponents, game officials and coaches.

  6. I will cheer for our team in a positive manner regardless of the outcome of the game.


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